What to Wear to a Yoga Class With Our Recovery Collection

What to Wear to a Yoga Class With Our Recovery Collection

Kristin Kennedy-Brown - April 28, 2023

Few exercise programmes are as enduring as yoga. It has been around for over 5,000 years and does much more than simply tone and burn calories. It's a complete body and mind workout combining stretching and strengthening with deep breathing and relaxation or meditation exercises that can help improve flexibility, balance and strength. Choosing the right clothes to wear to a yoga class is your first step to preparing your mind and body to perform while ensuring you achieve maximum comfort. This guide will help you learn what to wear to your yoga class to get the most out of each session and achieve better emotional, mental and physical health.

What to wear to your first yoga class?

Yoga classes typically require a lot of stretching and bending, so you need clothes that are comfortable, breathable and allow for maximum movement. Likewise, you don't want anything too loose that could bunch up as you move, get in the way, cover your face or expose your stomach. You'll also likely sweat during yoga, so choosing light and breathable fabrics is a good idea.

There are no set rules about what to wear for yoga, but what clothing you choose should help you feel confident and relaxed during the class. Your yoga clothing choices will largely depend on the style of yoga you're practising and your personal preference. But here's a typical list of what to wear to your yoga class:

  • Breathable and flexible shorts, opaque leggings, yoga pants or joggers
  • Formfitting, breathable tank tops or t-shirts made of breathable, moisture-wicking material that won't fall over your head as you bend over
  • A sports bra for women that offers appropriate support for your bust size and type of yoga
  • Socks with plastic treads to prevent slipping (if you don't wish to be barefoot)
  • Breathable underwear that allows you to move freely and comfortably
  • A comfortable and warm top layer to wear at the end of class once you've cooled down

What top to wear to a yoga class?

There are various types of yoga tops available designed to stay put in whatever shape you make with your body. If you're comfortable showing some skin, a form-fitting workout strappy top or tank top can be a great option. As these tops don't have sleeves, nothing restricts your arm movements, and they will stay in place throughout your poses. A slightly tighter fitting long-sleeved top is also a good option, as the sleeves won't ride up when you reach outwards or upwards.

A a high-necked top will help you avoid any unwanted chest exposure during sustained poses. You can also consider combining a long-sleeved top with a strappy vest top that both protects your modesty if your top falls out of place and enables you to remove a layer if you get too warm during the session. You may also want to take along a soft wrap or top layer to cosy up during your final relaxation at the end of the class.

Do you wear shoes or socks for yoga?

Yoga is typically practised barefoot to allow you to grip the floor better and provide stability, balancing and grounding yourself. When you wear nothing on your feet, your feet and toes can fully extend and stretch along with the rest of your body. Practising yoga barefoot lets the teacher see what you're doing and advise you if you need to make any adjustments. Many yoga poses also require putting your hands on the floor, so it's not good yoga etiquette to walk across a yoga studio wearing outdoor shoes. If you don't like going completely barefoot in your yoga class, there are socks, such as yoga socks, designed for exercise and have grippier soles than regular socks. These socks can also be nice to wear during Shavasana, the relaxation pose at the end of a yoga class, especially in winter, or any static and slow poses such as Yin yoga.

Do I need to wear a bra for yoga?

There's no rule to say that you must wear a bra for yoga, especially if you practice slow and gentle yoga styles. It's more important that you feel comfortable and pain-free. But if you have larger breasts or prefer more strenuous, fast-flowing yoga styles, you'll likely benefit from wearing a bra for yoga. A good, well-fitting sports bra can also help you avoid damage to your breast connective tissue and prevent premature stretch marks and sagging. Not all sports bras are the same. For instance, a long-distance runner will need a bra that offers support against repetitive movements over a long time.

However, for a yoga class, you'll need a bra that offers more flexibility and doesn't have any fastenings at the back that could end up diffing into your back. The best sports bra for yoga should fit well, move with you and not be restricting. Here are a few specific qualities to look for when choosing a bra for yoga:

Low to medium-impact

High-impact sports bras can be too constricting for yoga. Expanding your chest and breathing freely is an essential part of yoga, so go for a low to medium-impact bra and if you have a larger bust, consider bras with wider straps that offer extra support.

Moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics

Technical fabrics such as polyester or recycled nylon help sweat evaporate faster, which is important during more strenuous styles of yoga such as Ashtanga, Power yoga and Vinyasa. This fabric will also stand up to frequent washing and general wear and tear. However, if you tend to practice mostly gentle and slow types of yoga, you may want to consider a supportive and stretchy sports bra made of organic cotton.

Medium to high coverage

Yoga requires you to move your body in various ways, including lots of bending and twisting. A small sports bra offering minimal coverage and narrow straps can cause bra spillage, especially if you have a bigger bust. So opt for a bra that delivers medium to high coverage.

What should you not wear to yoga?

Your priorities for choosing what to wear to yoga should be comfortable and unrestrictive. You must feel comfortable and confident during yoga and can freely move and stretch with each position. Here's a typical list of clothing that you should avoid wearing to yoga:


It's best to avoid wearing excess to yoga as it can get in the way. Rings can easily fall or become uncomfortably tight as you sweat. Necklaces can also get twisted and pulled in some poses, and when you bend over, they can fall in your false and be distracting.

Lacy underwear

Underneath your yoga clothing, avoid wearing lacy underwear or anything with zippers. The extra stitching or zip fastening can soon rub and become uncomfortable. Likewise, avoid wearing loose fabric or jockstrap-style briefs, as these are likely to rub and need constant adjustment as you move.


While you may be tempted to wear a baseball cap during yoga class to keep your hair away from your face, your head can get very sweaty during exercise, which can become uncomfortable and distracting. The cap's rim can also restrict blood flow, leaving you feeling lightheaded.


Jeans don't make good yoga clothing as they don't stretch, and the material isn't moisture-wicking. You'll end up absorbing your sweat which will weigh you down. The heavy damp material may also leave your skin wet and cause rashes.

Heavy fragrances

You should avoid wearing perfumes and fragrances to your yoga class as they can distract your senses and those of your classmates. This includes heavily fragranced shampoos and conditions that can release more fragrance as you sweat.

Loose t-shirts

It's best to avoid wearing loose tank tops or t-shirts for yoga as they can be revealing when it ends up by your next during a down dog pose or covering your eyes when you're upside down. The material around your shoulders can also make stretching uncomfortable.

Thick fabrics

Thick and heavy fabrics are likely to be non-stretchy and can become tight as you repeatedly move and prone to ripping. They also don't wick moisture, which adds to the weight.


Dresses and skirts don't work for yoga, so avoid them. Upside-down poses, spread legs and long stretches are not conducive to wearing dresses.

What to wear for yoga: the lowdown

You want to be comfortable for your yoga class, and what you wear for a jog around the block won't necessarily be right or comfortable for yoga. Your priority should be comfort over style, which means focusing on high-quality fabrics and avoiding overly baggy clothing or anything that may restrict your movement. Yoga is all about connecting with yourself, so how you dress for it is essentially up to you. Your yoga outfit is just right as long as you feel comfortable with what you're wearing and can focus on what you're doing. 

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