The science behind our clothing

Isobel Bond - December 06, 2020

Athletes swear by our collections, which is why it’s important for us at Castore to stay ahead of innovation and produce the very best premium sportswear on the market.

Our ethos #BetterNeverStops means that we are constantly looking to improve not only our quality but to incorporate world-leading engineering to ensure our range is elite athlete approved. Castore partner with experts in Sports Science to source unique performance fabrics for our clothing, testing them to their limits.


Whether you’re an everyday athlete or compete on the global stage, the clothes you wear can make all the difference to how you perform. You need fabrics and features suitable for extreme movements and conditions that won’t wear or hold you back.

Beginning with the fabrics:

  • Polyamide, a polymer with repeating units linked by amide bonds, found in naturally occurring proteins, such as wool and silk, is a common feature in our garments. It provides high stretchability, heat retention and has moisture-wicking abilities.
  • Polyurethane, is a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate (urethane) links. More simply, it acts as a cushioning material due to its its high flexibility making our clothing more durable, comfortable and supportive. This is used in high proportions in our Garcia Hoody.
  • Supima Cotton, a superior form of cotton, unique to others by its extra-long staple fibre that provides our garments with premium properties such as strength, softness and colour retention. Its finer weave also makes this material ultra-lightweight and breathable, featured in our much loved Colombo Tech Tee.
  • Polyester, one you may have heard of, it’s one of the most resilient fabrics in clothing. We utilise it for its resilience and ability to withstand a great deal of pressure and wear. The high-quality polyester ensures itholds shape and doesn't shrink, used in a variety of our products such as our Pro Performance Jacket made of 100% polyester.