The perfect at-home gear to switch from loungewear to workout

The perfect at-home gear to switch from loungewear to workout

Jasmine McHale - December 06, 2020

Without the gym, many have again turned to home workouts to keep up their fitness indoors, and there are endless resources to guide you through it. Gearing up for a workout at home may be slightly different to your routine for the gym, but either way, wearing the proper garments can boost your motivation to keep moving and can guarantee an improved performance and recovery.

Several factors can affect how comfortable your workout clothes are, including the fabric they're made of and whether they're right for the type of exercise you will be doing. If you’re switching between high and low intensity, weights and running, you need the right clothing that can keep up with the movements you want to put it through, which is why we’ve collated some of our latest pieces that were built to adapt to your every movement, so you can alternate and push your limits without restriction:

We have selected the items that will do the best of everything:

Pro Tek Slim Fit Track Pants:


 Designed for light training sessions, the Pro Tek Slim Fit Track pants are made from a lightweight, flexible training fabric that adapts to your every movement, allowing you to move freely and comfortably, keeping you insulated for those winter and early morning runs. These pants are also perfect for lounging post-workout with their soft interior to keep you comfy and warm during the cold weather.


Pro Tek Shorts:


Thinking of doing high-intensity workouts? These shorts were built for it. 

Now that workouts are happening indoors, shorts can become the perfect go-to for the everyday. Made from a lightweight bi-stretch fabric, they adapt to your every motion, so whether you’re squatting, sprinting or stretching, these shorts will work as hard as you do. If you do decide to brave the weather, the shorts also contain zipped pockets to keep your belongings safe with you and stretch as far as the run you take it on.


Printed Tee:


If you train outdoors, its essential that you keep sweat-wicking clothing on your inner layer. Putting an insulating layer on top of our tees is the way to go if the weather is too much, and our tees, made from our ultra-lightweight performance mesh, allows you to reach maximum performance even in the most strenuous of workouts with sweat-wicking technologies. A particular favourite, the Pro Tek Printed tee, has a relaxed fit and tonal stripes across the front panel, simple and effective…like the workout you need. 


Pro Tek Long Sleeve Tee:


Because you need your clothing to be as comfortable as possible. The Pro Tek Long Sleeved Tee, your new everyday essential, minimises drag and allows you to remain cool even during the most testing of training sessions. Perfectly co-ordinated with your pre-existing workout wardrobe and our Pro Tee Pants, the long-sleeved tee is a casual warming alternative while you stay at home.


Pro Tek 1/4 Zip:


Whether you need a jacket to throw on after a workout or you’re looking for something to layer up with during the colder months, this 1/4 zip will do the job for you. The material is light, stretchy, and breathable, allowing you to cover without looking bulky. Worn either close the skin or a light layer, the Pro Tek  ¼ Zip is designed to enhance performance and aid recovery, with its lightweight fabric provides aeration for lighter training sessions and the split sides enhance the range of movement for the wearer.