Castore's First Old Firm Derby

Castore's First Old Firm Derby

Isobel Bond - December 06, 2020

The Old Firm is a derby like no other. 

When Rangers and Celtic meet, the world pays attention. Steeped in history, The Old Firm is more than just football, it is integral to Scottish culture. 

The origin of the term “Old Firm” is unclear, with some believing it first coined by commentators at their initial meet back in 1888, who described the two teams as “like two old, firm friends”. Since then, the terms has become widely used with 420 Old Firm fixtures taking place over the last 132 years, of that Rangers has seen more victories with 162 wins under their belt.

Rangers Crest Mosaic

A New Era 

This Saturday, marks the first of many Old Firm fixtures with Castore wings proudly on the shirts. Wearing the Rangers Pro Edition Kits, the players will benefit from the full effect of our signature Phantom fabric, ultra-lightweight with five-way flex capability and advanced sweat-wicking technology to enhance speed and minimise drag. 

Lets get the win on Saturday.

Better Never Stops

Rangers celebrating a victory 2020/21 season