Must Have Training Accessories

Must Have Training Accessories

Isobel Bond - December 06, 2020

Having the best training accessories helps you have the best training sessions. Times have changed though and new gear has become vital going forward.

Here’s what we’ve pulled together as the current go-to things to pick up for your next training session, wherever you choose to do it:

  • Socks (a superior polyamide elastane stretch fabric, to offer enhanced flexibility, maximising fit and comfort with a secure position on the ankle and foot).

  • Backpack - Whether it’s living in the city, catching the train, or saving it for an after-work session, a lightweight and durable backpack is what you need to take you to and from training without the fuss or weight of a regular bag.

  • Wash-bag - In addition to a larger bag to carry your kit, a smaller wash-bag can be great for keeping your essentials clean and safe, so you can easily access your post-workout necessities and put them back without the sweat/mud accumulated from your hard-earned work damaging them.

Harper Wash Bag

  • Optimising t-shirt - not just for performance, but for confidence. The more confident you feel hitting the gym/court/road, the more you’ll want to push and go beyond your boundaries. As a bonus, our tees are made to enhance your movements, whatever sport you decide to take part in.


Febian Tee