Jos Buttler Q&A

Jos Buttler Q&A

Jasmine McHale - February 02, 2022

How do you approach setting targets for yourself?

I look at the calendar and pick out key moments and targets. For example, there’s a T20 world cup in October and November which will be my main goal. Then I build a process of how to work back from that point to really target being at my best.

Do you have a specific process for hitting these targets?

Accountability. I write down my targets and then I map out how I think I’m going to get there. I don’t make specific goals on number of runs scored or career milestones, I focus on the way I am technically performing. This is the most helpful thing I do to improve my game.

What do you consider when mentally preparing for training?

Firstly, I feel it’s important to set my goals and my training to be challenging but attainable if I work hard.

The mental element of the game of cricket is crucially important and I want my training push me to my limits mentally, so I can learn and grow from the experiences.

I underpin that by using mental visualisation techniques in preparation for training and use meditation as a tool around my programme to support progress.

What effect does this preparation have on your training?

It allows me to train in my best possible state for any session that I’m going to practice, be it cricket or strength work in the gym, or conditioning on a bike.

Having a strong mentality and mindset enables me to be flexible and adaptable for varied sessions, making sure I get the most out of the exercises that I’m going into.

How do you persevere through times where luck doesn’t seem to be on your side?

Luck will come and go, good times will come and go, but if I’m giving myself the best possible chance to perform, that’s how I’ll judge myself. My method is to make sure that I’m not taking any shortcuts or expecting to get the results without putting in the work.

Do you have any advice to give to other athletes on how to stick to their targets they set themselves?

Write things down, your targets, your work and your results. Personally, I’ve always found that a really useful method. Have those targets in a clear place so you can remind yourself exactly what they are each day. Also have a plan that challenges you but is achievable.

Ask yourself “How am I going to get there?”. Keep in mind that your plan can change as you work towards your targets, keep reviewing as you go along to make sure that you can adapt the plan as needed to help stick to those targets.

What does Better Never Stops mean to you?

For me it means that constant pursuit of excellence. My ambition is to fulfil my potential and become the best cricketer I can possibly be. To do that, better never stops.