Eunique Headley - September 09, 2020

We’ve recently caught up with Castore ambassador and Britain’s most successful tennis player, Andy Murray to discuss the AMC collection and how’s adapting his training in light of COVID-19.

How did you hear about Castore? What made you want to get involved with the brand?
I had been a fan of the brand for a while and following the progress in the early days as a start-up. I had also met Tom and Phil a few times, and they both really impressed me. They both come from strong sporting backgrounds and this helps shape their approach to the business.

How does it feel wearing AMC compared to other brands?
To have my own tennis line, where I can get involved in design and product testing, is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. My ambition is to help create a brand and a business that can stand the test of time, there’s no reason it can’t emulate a brand like Fred Perry.               

I wanted to make sure I partnered with a company that produces quality products for elite athletes. Technically the product is very good but I also think the style is better than anything else out there, tailored and fitted. I had been testing kit from other suppliers, but nothing really came close.

What separates AMC from other tennis brands?
Other tennis brands have followed a fairly traditional path and I don’t feel there has been much innovation in recent years either in design or technology. The AMC range is strong design-wise – I’m keen to create a lifestyle range that people can wear off-court like they did in the 70s and 80s.

Also important for me are the ethical and sustainable production values, which sets them apart. Materials are sourced from Italy and constructed in Europe and sustainably manufactured. We are also planning to donate a percentage of AMC’s profits to helping drive grassroots tennis in the UK. We’ll be releasing more details on this in the near future, but this is something that I am passionate about.

How have you adapted your training to the current COVID-19 situation?
It’s been a really difficult time for everyone, but I’ve just been trying to keep myself in the best physical condition I possibly can. I’m fortunate that I have quite a lot of equipment at home that I am able to use to work out on. I’ve been doing lots of long sessions on the bike to keep my aerobic fitness where it needs to be, but I’ve also been doing some pretty heavy sessions on the Versaclimber, which has been one of my favourite pieces of equipment for high-intensity workouts for many years now. I’m in touch with my performance team as much as possible, they have been setting programmes for me which I’m following.

 From a tennis perspective there isn’t much I’m able to do right now, as all the courts are currently closed, but I’m finding different ways to keep my eye in around the house. Whether that’s playing games with the family or simply just hitting a ball against a wall on the driveway!

How else have you been keeping busy whilst in isolation?
It’s a bit bittersweet being in isolation, it’s frustrating in one sense as I was very close to returning to the court, but it’s really important everyone stays home and is safe, that’s much more important. It’s also been really nice to have some real quality time with my family. Being able to be around for bath time and bedtime every day is awesome, and I’ll really miss it when the tennis tour resumes. Outside of family time, I’m just trying to keep myself in the best shape I can, trying to eat and hydrating well, I have completed a fair few 1000+ piece puzzles with Kim and I’ve also spent some time perfecting my golf short game in the back garden!

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