Castore X Rangers Partnership

Castore X Rangers Partnership

Philip Beahon - September 09, 2020


Today we announce a seminal partnership for Castore on our journey to become a global sportswear brand. Rangers Football Club are one of the most prestigious teams in sport and it is a huge privilege and honour for Castore to have been chosen as their kit partner.

The partnership will commence in the 2020/2021 season on a multi-year deal.

We were born and raised in Liverpool and football is in our blood; it is a sport we are both incredibly passionate about and the opportunity to participate in its future is incredibly exciting. We made the decision to enter the football market twelve months ago for the very simple reason that we do not believe it is possible to build a truly global sportswear brand without having a presence in the largest and most popular sport in the world.

We have no intention of entering the football market and making up the numbers – we intend to challenge at the very highest level.

Rangers is a club that embodies this mindset. The most successful club in the world with success in its DNA. We could not be more excited to get started.

The cities of Glasgow and Liverpool share many of the values that drive Castore – resilience, a commitment to hard work, a desire to overcome the odds. Nothing worth having in life comes easy and success is hard earned. Our Better Never Stops brand ethos is infused deep inside the psyche of both cities and Rangers as a club represent this mindset more than most.


We believe that within the sport of football, there is a significant opportunity to disrupt the status quo. A small clique of brands have dominated the football market for so long and it has been a long time since the market has seen true innovation. The vast majority of teams wear identikit products and marketing campaigns focus on the same repackaged stories.

We see no reason whatsoever why Castore cannot challenge this and set a new standard of quality, innovation and creativity in a sport that deserves nothing but the very best.


As we make our first moves in football, Castore will do things differently. We will create kits that are superior to anything else anywhere in the world.

Rangers players will be wearing the highest quality kit every time they walk on the pitch - the fabrics used will be lighter, more flexible and more durable than anything else in the market and benefit from technical details designed to enhance the performance of world class athletes.

Sport at the very highest level often comes down to the smallest margins and Castore will give Rangers players an edge. We will also utilise the exceptional creative talent within our business to elevate the Rangers brand and better engage with their fans all over the world. Our intention is to add value to the club at all levels and contribute to the next chapter of success in this storied club’s history.


Our strategy in football is simple – to partner with clubs who have a deep history, a global fan base and the ability to win trophies. It is the final of these points which most excites us. We will partner with five leading clubs across Europe in the next 18 months and utilise our product and digital expertise to help enhance on pitch performance and drive commercial performance off the pitch. All of these clubs will be challengers, who are perceived externally as underdogs but who themselves relish the battle and have both the belief and expectation that they will be successful. A number of options were available to us when choosing our first partner - nobody came close to matching Rangers.

When we founded Castore four years ago it was with the desire to build a global brand. Not an easy goal to achieve but the idea of being content with anything less appeals to neither of us. In a past life, we both had ambitions of playing professional football ourselves – unfortunately neither of us had the talent to get to the top so instead we want to do something where we can genuinely challenge the very best. The desire to compete is what drives us.

Partnering with Rangers is a special milestone for us on our journey of building Castore into the brand we want it to be - we have absolutely no intention of stopping before we get there.

Taking risks when others are fearful and being bold when others are timid is the hallmark of all great brands and we intend for Castore to one day be added to this list.

Tom and Phil Beahon
Castore co-founders